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The AA

The AA

The AA
Lifestyle apps are optimised for both online and offline customer experience.

Intuitive user experience is priority for mobile apps

The AA is the UK’s leading breakdown service: they rescue someone every nine seconds. Apart from their familiar roadside patrols, the AA also provides a host of different services for motorists and travellers. In fact 16 million consumers use at least one of the AAs products or services.

The AAs Lifestyle guide series helps consumers to find AA-recommended and inspected hotels, campsites, B&Bs or restaurants. Quick to see the importance of mobile computing, the AA chose Metia to mobilize these guides in a family of apps.

Award winning apps are designed for rapid development cycle

With a series of apps to produce, efficiency was a key part of the brief. Understanding this requirement at the outset meant the notion of re-use was designed in from the start, in terms of both creative design, and also the IA and code base.

As a result delivery was quick, and the cost of each app much reduced, both to create and also maintain. The project also earned Metia and the AA an Honoree at the Webbys.