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Peter Brett Associates

Peter Brett Associates

A mission to build better environments

Great places to live and work improve the quality of everyone’s lives. Building environments that achieve this aspiration is the mission of Peter Brett Associates (PBA), one of the UK’s leading independent development and infrastructure consultants. With 16 offices and 700 employees across the country, every day PBA is working hard to make a positive difference to our urban world.

With a credentials list full of innovative and successful built environments, PBA’s web presence did not reflect the breadth of their work, nor the scale of their capabilities. With so many exciting projects continually being launched, the company’s web site naturally became the place to tell these stories of excellence.

Metia’s customer experience (CX) strategy was to design and build a bold, strikingly visual website that allows visitors to quickly and easily navigate to the services they seek. Each service is illustrated by many highly visual stories of buildings and infrastructure PBA has delivered.

Making a personal connection

To encourage customers and prospects to engage directly, each service has a named member of PBA staff associated. In addition to encouraging contact, this small detail expresses the pride PBA employees invest in the projects they undertake.

The initial CX investigation identified five core audience types. The new site’s information architecture was then optimized around giving each of these key audiences a high quality experience and rapid access to the PBA skills and services of most relevance to them.

Even with an elegant user experience and exposure to outstanding project stories, time pressured site visitors might not be motivated enough to reach out to PBA. As a result, PBA wanted the site to become a dynamic platform for its constantly changing output of thought leadership content, ideas and initiatives. The natural home for these items is within the site’s news area, which is accessible to both media and other site visitors.

Increasing engagement through video

Video is also an important feature of the site. Like all internet users, PBA’s target audiences are increasingly consuming video as an efficient means of information gathering quickly. To satisfy this demand Metia created a concise 90 second video, offering a whistle stop tour around PBA’s outstanding project stories while delivering certain key messages en-route. The video content has also been re-used within sales presentations and distributed via social media channels.

The success of the web site is measured through engagement levels. As part of the site build Google Analytics has been integrated with the primary user journeys and desired end outcomes identified. Since launch PBA has seen strong growth of new and returning visitors, improved new site visitor traffic as a consequence of improved organic search, and improved goal conversation levels such as contacts, media requests and recruitment activity.

“The new site provides a digital destination that is every bit as enjoyable as the real world environments we create,” said Becky Jones, Senior Marketing Manager, PBA. “Metia was able to quickly understand our customers, their motivations and needs, and then incorporate that thinking into the design and build of the web site. As a result, the new site provides a fantastic experience and performs very successfully in support of our marketing goals.”