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Helping to create a movement of citizens and volunteers in local communities

Neighbourly has a big, bold mission: it intends to make the world a better place.

By connecting local charities and projects with individuals and businesses which can make a difference, Neighbourly is helping to improve thousands of communities nationwide. And not just across the UK but also in the Netherlands and - soon - in other countries around the world too.

This fast growing start up needed to explain how its unique social platform - - can transform the efforts of local charities and activists, helping them to get the funds, resources and volunteers needed to deliver projects in their communities.

Activating multiple audiences from consumers to corporations

Uniquely, Neighbourly satisfies the different needs of local causes seeking assistance, and also the businesses and individuals who want to help out. This means the Neighbourly team needs to communicate with a diverse mix of citizens, charities, major brands and corporates, local SMEs and national policymakers.

Each of these audiences consumes very different media and participates in different social networks. As a result, Neighbourlys communications strategy is tuned to explain its purpose and activities to these diverse stakeholders.

Metias Influence team has supported Neighbourly with a media relations campaign on this journey.

  • Communicating with citizens and local communities by celebrating the successes of Neighbourly in helping their community projects, via local press outlets, national newspapers and broadcast media.
  • Building Neighbourlys reputation by connecting with C-suite executives through business, management and marketing media, to evangelize the advantages of engaging their consumers through the causes which matter to them.
  • Engaging charities and government policymakers through discussion of relevant policy issues in the third sector, social entrepreneurship and government media.
  • Establishing the profile of Neighbourly founder, Nick Davies, by supporting his public speaking activities at the United Nations, UK government and industry events.

As a consequence, Neighbourly has been able to tell its story through media such as the BBC, The Telegraph and The Guardian

Analytics measure the impact of social engagement programs

The earned media program, has been supported by the Metia Social Marketing and Insight & Analytics teams, collaborating with their counterparts inside Neighbourly. Activities include:

  • Working to ensure strategic campaigns, involving key brands and large corporates using the platform to distribute funds, succeed in attracting high levels of awareness and participation for their initiatives.
  • Undertaking research to accurately measure the impact of these strategic campaigns upon the perceptions and conversations surrounding the brands involved among their various target audiences.
  • Using tactical social marketing campaigns to amplify the impact and consumption of key Neighbourly content assets, such as video stories or imagery, celebrating the successes of local causes around the country.

Social marketing used to spark activation in local communities

The Metia Social Marketing team collaborate closely with Neighbourlys in-house social and content experts to maximise the impact of fund raising stories and associated assets (images, video, tweets). Highly targeted social marketing campaigns are used to ensure hyper-local events are brought to the attention of their local communities, creating a virtuous circle of local recognition to further increase support in towns and cities around the UK.

Nick Davies, founder, Neighbourly said: Metia is a fantastic partner, working closely with the in-house team, supplementing our own capabilities. They are available to add extra ideas and resources in the sort of flexible approach thats needed with a start up.

The reputation of Neighbourly has grown as a result of the coverage we have received in national press, online and broadcast media. But most importantly, visibility of the successes of our causes in local media has encouraged more projects to seek help by signing up at