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Modern Web Analytics

Modern Web Analytics

Modern Web Analytics
Exploring how touch and mobile apps are transforming business productivity.

Leading web analytics service used for UX proof of concept

Google Analytics is the web’s default analytics package. To explore and understand aspects of architecture for web services, design for touch experiences and mobile UI best practices, Metia created a mobile app front end for the Google Analytics API.

The app, called Modern Web Analytics, uses the Google Analytics API to allow users to analyse traffic to their websites using any Windows touch or desktop device, including Microsoft’s Surface family of tablets.

Making business applications a pleasure to use

Modern Web Analytics is a functioning design exercise exploring how touch devices are transforming users’ information consumption habits, particularly for business use. There are many secondary tasks which fall by the way-side during the working day but can be completed quickly and easily through touch devices in ‘sit back’ relaxed moments. If you make a business app a pleasure to use, then the barriers to adoption inside an organization disappear.

Modern Web Analytics allows users to:

  • Quickly access, visualise and compare critical website data using either tablet or desktop device
  • Use pie, line and bar charts to compare data
  • Pin favourite reports to the Start menu for quick access
  • Monitor five key data points updating in a Windows Live Tile
  • Use ‘Top 10’ Reports on Browsers, Mobile Browsers, Search Keywords, Visited Pages, Page Dwell Time, Desktop OS, Mobile OS, and Mobile Devices

Test drive the app

Modern Web Analytics is free to download from the Microsoft Windows marketplace here.