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Healthcare content engages global audiences via web and social media.

Connecting with healthcare professionals

Microsoft markets to healthcare audiences in 194 countries. Social media, always on and accessible in real-time, provides Microsoft with a flexible touch point to connect with these audiences as part of a sophisticated communication program. To help drive the program forward, Microsoft engaged with Metia Group for its social media and content marketing expertise.

Metia works hand-in-hand with the Microsoft in Health teams to build an engaging and effective social program that scales globally and delivers relevant and topical information about key health technology issues.

Clarity of expectations enables the team to optimize content for different contexts and audiences. As a result Microsoft in Health frequently experiments with informal, personalized content that helps redefine the tone of its conversations with healthcare professionals and other stakeholders.

Scaling to deliver a global program

Using Metia’s global capabilities, the team has also been able to conduct language testing, pilot different approaches, and generate locally-relevant material across a number of key geographies. Collaborating with Metia teams in the USA, UK and Singapore, has made it easier and faster for Microsoft Health to scale the program globally.

Metia’s work has taken this program from a small voice in the industry to an important platform for global health and technology discussions. The success of the Microsoft in Health program is a testament to the power of always-on, highly engaged, well-orchestrated social media and content marketing.