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Optimising the online experience is essential to satisfy developer audiences.

Unique expertise in understanding the needs of developers

Events are a cornerstone of driving awareness and exciting adoption among developer audiences. Today significant upgrades, new launches and major announcements need to engage and inspire audiences who are tuning in across the internet and via a range of devices.

As one of the worlds leading collection of developer tools and services, Microsoft Visual Studio product releases attract massive global audiences among developers from across the world who are keen to learn about the latest features and capabilities.

With major releases increasing in frequency and also expanding their global reach, Microsoft needed a solution that would help excite the developer audience while giving them access to content from anywhere in the world.

A re-usable platform for multiple launch events

To satisfy this demand Metia produced a content-first product release platform housed in the Visual Studio event website, which includes feeds from launch events, social sharing, on-demand video content pulled from Channel 9, forums, and community engagement.

Metia also provided a web service so that Microsoft clients could see a real-time heat map of site visits, focusing on global activity, which helped to visually capture and report levels of international excitement for new launches of Visual Studio.