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ITN Productions

ITN Productions

ITN Productions
Consumers’ appetite for efficient video consumption is at heart of new website.

The growing appetite for video and relentless rise of mobile

Optimising customer engagement and channel delivery to best find and deliver video content is an issue for every organization. 

ITNs video news web site uses a mix of responsive and adaptive design principles, that that optimize for desktop, tablet, mobile, e-reader and touch device formats, at pretty much all sizes and scale, without the need to maintain a costly overhead of multiple apps each developed for different native operating systems.

To meet this goal, Metia designed and created page templates which adapt intelligently to the device through which they are viewed.

The content strategy of the re-launched site places compelling video and pictures at the heart of, supported by informative news text. Rather than act as a full-service news site, the site is designed primarily as a video portal, playing to the unique strengths of ITNs global video news gathering services.