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Building thought leadership within healthcare and life sciences

As the leading designer and manufacturer of microprocessors powering the world’s fastest and most powerful computers, Intel’s position is unrivalled. And while the company’s sales are largely through its strategic hardware partners, Intel has a clear interest in leading the thinking around the effect of advances in processing power across numerous industry and public sectors.

One sector where the potential impact of increased capacity and speed of computing power can bring the greatest human benefit is in health and life sciences, and for Intel the global commercial opportunity has placed it as one of its key strategic focus areas.

Since late-2014, Metia has delivered a strategic content and social media programme for Intel’s Health and Life Sciences team on an international basis; a programme which uncovers the compelling content from Intel’s thought leaders in markets outside of North America, shaping them into multi-format content, and marketing this through Intel’s owned social media channels.

Authenticity that comes from genuine expertise

Part of Intel’s strength is in its ability to take a genuine position of thought-leadership in any sector, focusing on the specific benefits of technology without the need to continually push a specific product or device. Health and Life Sciences is a complex area, and to credibly position itself in the area, Intel has for many years employed those with experience at the coal-face of healthcare delivery.

One of these individuals, Joan Hankin, a qualified nurse herself, is Intel’s Global Director of Marketing and Business Development for Health and Life Sciences. Joan explains: “We’re proud to employ not only great thinkers about healthcare and life sciences, but people who have first-hand experience of its delivery, whether as doctors, surgeons, and nurses, or through years of life sciences research and study. It’s essential that our marketing is built on the foundation of their knowledge, experience and insight, and working with a partner like Metia has helped us shape this into compelling content and have it reach and influence decision-makers in the sector.”

Capturing stories and expertise in healthcare topics

Metia sources content through close liaison with Joan, interviews with Intel’s subject matter experts, responses to topical industry issues and announcements, and attending events and webinars, shaping this into multi-format content including blog posts, infographics, images, and video. This content is then marketed through Intel’s owned social media channels, with selective use of paid social media promotion around high-value content, such as webinars, or topical subjects, such as International Nurses’ Day.

Intel’s goal is to attract a quality audience to its content, rather than chase vanity metrics or raw numbers. So while 14,061 page views of its blog in the first half of 2015, from 9,318 unique users, may seem modest in comparison to consumer-facing sites, the critical engagement metric of a near four-minute time on the page talks to the quality of content and a highly-engaged audience.

Understanding a complex arena and contributing creativity

While the basis of Metia’s brief will always be helping to surface, shape and amplify the knowledge of Intel’s thought-leaders, the formats and channels for doing so are constantly evolving. A greater use of video, animation, graphics, and even supporting Intel in direct engagement at events and dinners are all on the agenda moving forwards.

Joan continues: “What’s impressed me is Metia’s desire and willingness to understand what is a highly complex arena, and to bring their creative and broad content marketing knowledge to make the most of our industry-leading expertise.”