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Making an emotional connection with your customer audiences

Fact-based evidence and cold, hard numbers are needed to support most business purchases. But expressing business benefits in personal terms can often spark interest and increase engagement in the early consideration phases of a customer journey.

This personal approach was taken in a campaign for Dell’s enterprise storage team, who challenged Metia to create digital content to support a radio advertising campaign. The campaign was scheduled to start in the last months of 2014.

Targeting IT managers in North America, the campaign was designed to promote the advantages of Dell storage in terms of cost, scalability and ease of management, with a discount offer as the call to action. One of the campaign’s key performance indicators was an increase in storage sales funded via a leasing offer.

Improving the quality of life, not just the return on investment

Metia’s strategy was to look beyond product and price benefits to understand how the superior performance of Dell storage versus competitors might positively improve the day-to-day life of time-poor IT managers.

IT managers are just like everyone else, they have lives outside of the office, but are sometimes overworked and often put in long hours. Metia took the concept of an online IQ test, but instead of assessing the users’ intelligence (IQ), the test assessed their Life Quality—LQ.

Campaign execution encouraged customer participation

Users were invited to discover their LQ score by answering a series of questions, for example, how they were feeling right now (with opening choices of ‘Stressed’, ‘Meh’ or ‘Chilled). The choices in the quiz were also designed to show how storage savvy they were, and in turn to correlate how likely that was to impact their life outside work, with bonus points gained for different non-work activities.

The approach was empathetic and light-hearted, and played to that unifying pressure that all IT Managers feel: a lack of time.

With limited budget for paid web or social media promotion to drive visitors, the quiz had to attract people, keep them on-site, and turn interest into visits to the offer page where they could learn about a timely storage leasing offer. Making the most of Dell’s own web properties, Metia provided Dell with social images to be used on Dell-owned social channels.

Outstanding performance throughout the campaign

The LQ campaign content launched in support of radio advertisement and ran for a full three months, boosting the success of the campaign and contributing to key campaign metrics:

  • The overall campaign drove a 4.4% increase QoQ in storage lease uptake for sales
  • Engagement around the LQ content site was excellent, with a 15.4 percent click-through rate compared with an industry average of 0.08 per cent for comparable content
  • There were more than 18,000 visits to the offer landing page where visitors could learn more about the storage offer, surpassing previous digital campaign benchmarks and earning an extension into the next quarter
  • The site contributed to a multi-channel campaign that delivered over 20 million impressions

Elizabeth Johnson, Field Marketing Sr. Advisor, Dell North America, said: “Metia’s ability to bring a creative and fun angle was a key contributor to the success of the overall campaign, and the strong metrics we were able to achieve. At Dell we like to make a personal connection with all of our customers, the LQ content certainly helped us to achieve that goal.”