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Check Point Software

Check Point Software

Securing the internet is critical to every consumer and business user

As more and more of our home and work lives move onto the Internet, the importance of data security grows. It is a subject of vital importance to IT and business managers, and the consumers who use their services.

Check Point Software Technologies is one of the worldwide leaders in securing the Internet. Its vision is to make Internet communications and critical data secure, reliable and available everywhere.

Committed to staying focused on real customer needs, Check Point globally protects over 100,000 organizations of all sizes, and continues to develop new and innovative security solutions that redefine the security landscape.

Building a significant community in Asia Pacific markets

To continue this growth Check Point wanted to establish its social media presence in Asia Pacific not only to establish awareness amongst its core audience – IT Decision Makers – but also to create deeper relationships by building its reputation as an industry thought leader.

In order to achieve this, it was important that impactful, relevant campaign content was created to build on-going engagement, but was also supported by strategic social and mobile ad placement to reach the target audience. Facebook was selected as the most effective social platform for this purpose and a stringent audience definition process was put in place by Metia’s social team using a blend of highly specific keywords and interests to maximise ROI.

The result: within one month of the program launch, the regional Check Point Facebook page had gained over 50,000 fans, with a sustained engagement rate of almost 10%.

A social program to establish thought leadership in key topics

Metia supports Check Point in Asia Pacific through a range of social media services:

  • Providing a clearly articulated social media identity & content strategy for the set-up and management of Check Point Software Technologies Asia Pacific social media page.
  • Creating top-of-mind awareness by generating word of mouth (WOM) engagement and advocacy through the latest breaking news on cyber security news, info, tips and relevant content
  • Providing trusted communications and value propositions for Check Point by ensuring it is seen as a credible, consistent and relevant security vendor.
  • Amplifying content with strong call to actions through social channels  
  • Engaging fans with relevant content and influencing them to become advocates

Eying Wee, Head of Marketing, Asia, Middle East and Africas adds, We chose Metia for their content expertise in technology and in-depth knowledge in social media management. From the highly responsive and effective account servicing team to the creative team that never fails to propose innovative, on-brand ideas, they have delivered stellar performance for us in Asia Pacific.