Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 216

Sarah Mason

28 August 2020

Issue #216 of the Fintech Analyst report focuses on ransomware defences and why preparation is the only answer, how South Korea is going cashless again, the need for core banking upgrades in APAC, and what financial institutions need from the cloud. We also examine the impact of COVID-19 on Canadian payments and why predictive tools are key to loan services’ growth.

Aite: Ransomware defence in finance

When it comes to ransomware, there are only two types of business: those that have had an attack, and those that will. Preparation is the only way to weather an attack – but this is easier said than done.

Kapronasia: South Korea goes cashless 2.0

South Korea is already one of the world's most credit-card friendly countries. But now South Korea is going cashless again. But this time it's e-wallets and digital banks driving the trend, not credit cards.

IDC: Core banking systems in APAC

Banks in APAC with older core banking systems should be analysing and planning a migration to a fourth-generation organic digital core system if they want to future proof operations and enable agility.

Celent: What FIs need from the cloud

As cloud computing becomes a more significant part of a financial institution’s computing environment, Celent assesses the implications on processes, personnel requirements and databases.

Forrester: Impact of COVID-19 on payments in Canada

The payments industry is reacting to a significant shift in consumer behaviour due to COVID-19, lockdowns, and social distancing. Forrester takes a look at how this is playing out in Canada.

Javelin: Predictive tools for loan servicers key to growth

For loan servicers, knowing when a customer’s next big buy is likely to happen is vital to providing optimal CX. This report assesses the top data and analytics tools to unlock this insight.

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