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What we do


What we do

Using a structured approach to your customer experience lifecycle, we will influence key decision makers, create engaging experiences, cultivate profitable relationships and encourage advocacy.

Data driven customer experience

We use data to help us design, build and sustain your customer experience.

Data is gathered at each stage of the customer lifecycle to segment audiences, understand actual behaviours, optimize and report against the performance of each individual touchpoint.

Awareness & preference

Metia will identify the key influencers who will guide your new and existing customers buying decisions before they reach your own web site or sales team.

Through PR, analyst and social programs we build your reputation to establish awareness and preference among your customer audiences

Demand generation & acquisition

A compelling experience of finding, choosing and purchasing your product or service online is essential to every customers journey.

Metia designs and builds outstanding customer experiences using web sites and mobile apps. We believe utility and function are the pre-requisites to achieving customer loyalty.

Relationship management

Using email marketing and community building techniques through social channels, Metia will strengthen your customer relationships to drive satisfaction and revenue.

Context is everything. By achieving personalization through marketing automation, CRM and CMS platforms, we will ensure you share the right content, at the right time, through the right channel.

Advocacy & loyalty

Our customer advocacy and reference programs scale across diverse audiences, geographies and languages to support major corporations and their multiple lines of business.

A global team capture and amplify the voices of your customers to produce content in multiple languages and formats: case studies, quotes, videos, blog posts and tweets.