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Guided by data-driven insight and informed by precise analytics, Metia Group provide a range of services which will help you to engage your customers through structured programs embracing multiple channels.


Metia use data-driven insight to inform the strategies which will shape the design of your customer experience and determine user behaviours during that journey.

Our approach uses data derived from multiple touchpoints and systems to plan your campaign or program. We then design your customer experience to deliver improved performance and achieve your desired end outcomes.


We capture and tell your stories. Whether celebrating your customers achievements or building thought leadership, we will make your brand or product relevant to your customers lives, work and passions.

Tuned to multiple formats, we operate content programs across regions, countries and languages. Advanced techniques for dialogue analysis and natural search optimization are used to improve traffic to destination sites and amplify social conversations.


Social media offers businesses new channels to connect and interact with their audiences. We use social media platforms to help build focused customer communities and develop committed advocates.

We plan, create and execute highly targeted social marketing programs through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, to rapidly raise awareness and generate demand.

CRM, marketing automation and email

Metia operates CRM and email programs that build profitable relationships with future, current and past customers.

Our email marketing programs are optimized for high volume, personalized campaigns that scale efficiently across multiple countries and languages to drive traffic to websites, increase downloads, improve customer loyalty, and increase interaction levels and transaction volume.


Metia Group undertake website and web application strategy, architecture, design and development for some of the biggest brands in the world. We create personalized experiences using CMS, CRM and marketing automation platforms.

We build and operate multi-country, multi-language websites and understand the implications of global deployments, including successful adoption by local country stakeholders.


We believe data on actual customer actions is more valuable than predictions or assumptions. As a result, analytics are designed during the strategy and planning phases at the start of each campaign or program.

We use multiple data sources gathered from diverse platforms, both owned and earned, to better understand behaviour throughout the customer experience or user journey.


Metia mobilize websites and create custom applications to enable new customer and employee experiences using cell phones, tablets and desktop. We prioritize simplicity, utility and function, using the full capabilities of each device.

We understand how users interact with mobile devices, whether consumer or business applications, whether for work or life-style purposes — and what that means for your brand engagement and customer relationship.