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Metia and EMC Isilon win 'Silver M' for Best Social Media campaign

Metia and EMC Isilon win 'Silver M' for Best Social Media campaign

SEATTLE – Metia Group, a global B2B marketing agency, announced that alongside client EMC Isilon, the agency has been presented with a 'Silver M' at the Marketing Awards event held at Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle.

Each year, the event celebrates the broad talent of marketing professionals for their work of the previous year. Thousands of entries are compiled and voted for by both the public and expert judges. “If it’s possible, the entries this year are better than ever,” said MARKETING publisher Larry Coffman.

Metia Group was able to walk away with the Silver M for its EMC Isilon social media campaign. The project represented a powerful and fascinating story that created an emotional engagement on various social media platforms, including a success story featured on Twitter.

Metia helped EMC Isilon to solve one of the greatest challenges for any company: to find new prospects, capture interest, and drive traffic to its website with the goal of winning new business.

EMC Isilon came to Metia looking for an innovative solution to this challenge. The Metia creative team used popular cultural references and scientific breakthroughs like the Human Genome Project and the Moon Landing. The objective was to link the target audience to the subject matter of IT storage solutions that, behind the scenes, helped enable these breakthroughs possible.

A key differentiator in the social media campaign was utilizing robust and highly defined keywords and interests to reach and engage with a highly relevant audience.

The campaign not only helped EMC Isilon amplify its content, it also helped it reach the target audience to maximize its budget and triple the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set for the campaign.