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We help our clients to connect with customers and users in vertical industry sectors. In each industry, we understand the market dynamics, the different roles of participants and how they interact in the sales cycle.

We bring an insiders expertise to these conversations to ensure authenticity and build strong communities of users and advocates.

Financial services & fintech

Financial services are being transformed by new technology, increased regulation, competitive tension and customer expectations. Our clients include disruptive fintech startups, industry solution providers, banks and financial institutions.

We help them communicate the benefits of new technology, such as CX, mobility, security, identity or blockchain. And, as banks respond to this challenge and embrace digital, we help them transform through innovation programs.



Metia Group is expert at communicating the benefits of new technology - whether services, software, devices or platforms. We reduce complexity and refine propositions to simple and compelling messages.

We have specialist expertise in bringing digital products and services to market, managing early adopter programs, handling developer relations, driving partner readiness, ensuring sales enablement and running customer reference programs.

Healthcare & well being

We help healthcare professionals to fulfil their motivation to improve the health and well being of their patients and stakeholders. This is achieved through online programs and community building activities that use social platforms and diverse content types.

For healthcare vendors we communicate the use of technology whether in the front line, in general practice, or in the community. We encourage health professionals to capture their experiences and share best practice. We help healthcare providers to educate and inform their customers about their services through content programs and web sites. 


Inspiring educators are amongst the most generous professional audiences, sharing lesson plans, creating digital assets and online tools to help fellow professionals and students alike. Metia manages programs which encourage, enable and recognize this activity.

We also deliver campaigns aimed at education administrators, IT managers, students and parents. Using social and digital channels, we communicate special offers available only to student audiences. 

Government & community

Governments are using digital and social channels to engage and communicate with their citizens. Similarly, a new generation of digital native social enterprises aim to enable positive impact through community platforms and social.

Metia Group manages programs which engage government and regional technology decision makers. We also run campaigns which communicate directly to citizens and local communities to drive positive social change.

Media & publishing

Media businesses are at the forefront of transforming their products for new digital channels. These changes extend beyond simply re-purposing content for mobile experiences, to re-inventing core business models through APIs and partnerships.

Metia has built web platforms and mobile apps for a variety of publishing and media businesses. We have undertaken Proof of Concept and UX projects to explore the potential of new channels and form factors.