Celebrating success at the Microsoft Excellence Awards 2017

Steve Ellis

25 May 2017

Awards are always great to receive. Recognition for outstanding work that sometimes goes unnoticed, and all. But in my eyes, not all awards are equal.

The marketing industry has a habit of awarding itself honors on a regular basis. Corporate procurement departments are less generous.

Which is why winning a Microsoft Supplier Program Excellence Award for Supplier of the Year 2017 is such great news.

For me, customers will always be the final judge of value, creativity and quality. The final confirmation that an agency is adding value to the client/supplier relationship is through tenure and the growth of the relationship. We’ve worked with Microsoft for over twenty years and in many, many areas of their business. Getting an award is icing on top.

Only three companies worldwide were recognized with a Supplier of the Year 2017 Award. Which makes them rarer than Cannes Lions. Rarer than Oscars even. And not just marketing partners were competing for the three awards but every category of supplier that provides any type of service or goods to Microsoft, anywhere in the world.

Suppliers were judged against their contribution to Brand Value, Innovation, Market Agility, Reduced Risk and Cost Management. Once the procurement team had run the rule over things, they then asked our clients for their own experiences of working with Metia Group.

And we won!

Thank you to all the Microsoft clients who said great things about the innovative work we have done together.

Thank you to the Metia teams around the world for delivering on our purpose, seen often in PPT, but more importantly always delivered in practice.

Here it is:

To be an essential business partner to global companies and brands by providing customer-focused marketing that is authentic, innovative and measurable.

Read more about the Microsoft Supplier of the Year Award here.