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"Producing content is much like giving birth," discuss...

“Producing content is much like giving birth,” discuss...

Those are the words of Misia Tramp, our VP CX Strategy & Insights, speaking this morning at the Ham Yard Hotel during our breakfast briefing on content strategy.

I've never given birth, so can't use that quote myself. But I have produced large volumes of content and will confirm the experience can be both more extended and more painful than anyone would like.

Aside from the simple challenge of creating great content, in a corporate scenario the pain of aligning messaging, resolving conflicting opinions and fighting off the need of all product managers to insert superlatives in every sentence, is usually guaranteed to suck the joy from any content, and the life from all participants.

Of course, with one great content creator and one super smart client working together that can be avoided. But that solution simply does not scale across a corporate org chart. Different budget holders, business units or audiences will trip you up, never mind getting to the challenges of multiple geographies and languages.

The demands of scale will defeat you. And the scale production of finely tuned content, consistently delivered, is what is required in an 'always on' marketing automation led landscape.

Today's briefing was all about how to achieve that objective, while also producing content that actually speaks to the higher order concerns motivating your customers, and breaks free of the corporate marketing echo chamber.

Misia talked to examples of the Metia techniques for sampling customer conversations captured via big data, to determine what is concerning your customers, in order that the content you produce earns your organization the right to participate in that dialogue. Using the Content Resonance System (CRS), large volumes of content can be scored and measured for customer relevance, and therefore resonance.

CRS scoring provides a tool for closing the gap between the content you produce and the conversations your customers are having - and it solves the 'at scale' challenge. If this topic is of interest and you missed the briefing, Misia collected up some wisdom and captured it in this download.