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A picture is worth a thousand words (and some good insights too)

A picture is worth a thousand words (and some good insights too)

A major trend of our time is the move toward a visual world.

The growing popularity of visual platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube is evidence of that trend. There’s a whole generation of consumers who feel comfortable exchanging images through almost every social platform. Consumers are relying less on text and more on pictures and video to do the talking.

In our experience, one of the most effective methods to research your customers and gain insights about them is to look at their reactions to and preferences for different forms of visual content (both pictures and videos).

So why not discover how a customer truly perceives the world by analyzing the data they are generating?

Through rapid advancements in AI, user-generated visual data can be transformed into a mental model of an experience the user goes through. Gathering image-based data can be very valuable, and it can provide vital insights about your customers.  However, marketers must still know how to take advantage of the data and find new ways to combine and analyze this information to make new discoveries.

With this audience data in hand, you can identify the themes, content stories, and approaches that matter to them the most. Learn more by downloading our recent report on visual language.