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The B2B marketer’s quick guide to social media advertising

The B2B marketer’s quick guide to social media advertising

The rise of social media advertising over the last five years has been extraordinary.

Global spending on the medium is forecast to reach $29.9bn in 2016. And it's rising fast, predicted to grow a further 20% in 2017 - reaching $36bn and representing 16% of all digital ad spending.

Despite this growth, some B2B marketers remain doubtful of its effectiveness – convinced that social media advertising can only offer value in the world of B2C marketing.

We couldn't disagree more. In partnership with our clients, we've experienced first-hand how social media advertising delivers real, measurable returns when placed at the heart of a B2B content marketing strategy.

With that in mind, we've created The B2B marketer's quick guide to social media advertising. This guide is intended to break down these stereotypes, to convey why social media advertising has become an integral part of the B2B marketing mix, and explain how brands can harness it to add value to their bottom line.

The guide also shares best practice tips gathered by the social media advertising team at Metia Group, and offers insight from our Performance Benchmarking Index – a data collection benchmarking tool through which we track, measure and optimize all of our social media advertising campaigns. You'll learn what represents a good return from the main social networks, and what trends and pitfalls you need to be aware of before you start a campaign. And for those ready to get stuck in, we provide a practical six step guide to ensure your social media advertising campaigns drive measurable value for your business.

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