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Save the bees and sweeten your content

Save the bees and sweeten your content

The Bee-pocalypse: Why Metia cares. 

There are currently 3,399 species of native bees in North America. Each and every one is under threat from changes in their environment.

It is believed that over 50 percent of native bee species in the Mid-West have already disappeared from their traditional localities in the last 100 years. Four US bumblebee species have declined 96 percent in the last 20 years, and three species are believed to already be extinct.

In October 2016, no less than seven types of Bee, all native to Hawaii, were added to the official endangered-species list.

It’s a global phenomenon. The honey bee colony losses reported in the last 10 years included 25% in Japan, 40% in USA, and 53% in Europe.

Busy Bee Syndrome: Why we all must care

We won’t stand by and let the bee disappear (read more about our donation to ‘Save the Bees’ below). Nor will we let traditional marketers be put under evolutionary pressure.

Busy Bee Syndrome is a growing threat. We are busy. Our customers are busy. Competition is fierce.

The consumer market is saturated with products, brands, and businesses that take mind space from millions of customers every day.

There's no question about it—the world is changing and marketing practices need to evolve too. We all need to adapt if we want to continue to flourish.

As marketers we have to be obsessed with creating high-quality campaigns that are buzzworthy, engaging, viral, and all other sorts of descriptors aimed to get people to talk about our clients’ business. Everyone in the marketing world knows how tough it can be to get noticed by the right person.

Effective marketing helps build brand reputation, establish expertise, and strengthen customer relationships. It's the practice of communicating without selling.

We all need to deliver marketing programs that truly resonant through careful planning, strategic direction, good storytelling, and some killer technology.

Check out our guide featuring the Anatomy of a Marketing Bee and our 7 tips to creating “marketing honey” that converts and reap the rewards of a creative eco-system of marketing success.

Metia’s hive of experts are here to help! In honor of our clients this holiday season, we have donated to the Xerces Society to help ‘Save the Bee’s and sampled honey from our friends at Big Island Bees.

Thanks to all our clients for your business. We look forward to continuing to work with you and building new business relationships in the New Year.