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What's happening in social? Three moves not to miss - #2

What's happening in social? Three moves not to miss - #2

Instagram goes the full minute

Instagram is upping its video game to soon allow all users the ability to upload videos of up to 60 seconds duration. While this doesn’t inherently affect marketers in any way – who have had access to 60 second video ad uploads for a couple of months - it does legitimize this lengthier form of content amongst all users of this platform a little more. Instagram is going all in on video at the moment with a bunch of new features including public view count and, in the latest iOS release, the ability to make videos out of multiple clips. Video on Instagram is definitely one to keep an eye on, particularly with the increased integration with the Facebook advertising platform.


Facebook's Daily Show

Facebook seems to be rolling out great new changes to the data available to publishers on an almost weekly basis, and this week we weren't disappointed. Say hello to new daily video breakdowns which brings some of the video metrics we're used to such as Minutes Viewed and Number of Times Viewed on - as the name suggests - a daily basis. If you're running time-sensitive and short campaigns, you'll want that immediate feedback now offered through these daily video breakdowns. We also like the simple, easy-to-read format for these metrics, giving you a quick overview without the need to export data into excel files.


Twitter makes Conversion Tracking and Remarketing Easier

A great announcement from Twitter this past week which will bring much relief to those running paid social campaigns on the platform. If you've been measuring website conversions using Twitter's website tag you'll be pleased to learn about the new universal website tag which means that the time spent creating endless snippets of code for each conversion event is no longer required. One universal website tag means you can create and manage conversion events and tailored audiences without the need to make additional changes to tags on your website. Less time on the admin, more time on the creative and that gets a big thumbs up from us.

Aligning your social media advertising spend with where people are in the sales cycle is a really powerful and effective way to connect with your prospective customers. Let us show you how we can help you increase your ROI by delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time by getting in touch with our social media team.