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Death of digital? Metia Insights 2014 is live

Death of digital? Metia Insights 2014 is live

We are excited to announce that Metia’s 2014 Marketing Insights report has been released and is available for download on Scribd.

Get it here:

Each year, Metia’s team collects data and insights from our work, our customers, and the industry into one document that sets the tone for marketing activities and trends.  The report covers key subjects, including social media, content strategy, customer advocacy, big data, emerging markets, and technology trends in NUI and HTML5.

A few choice quotes:

@steveellis: “We are simply a new generation of marketers – digital natives who have grown up with technology playing a central role in our lives.”

@sallyyates: “Exerting maximum influence means getting the right message, delivered in the right way by the optimum channel.”

@markpinsent: “There’s an old mantra in social media: if you’re not paying, then you’re the product.”

@debhanamura: “With computer-to-brain interfaces a proven reality, are we ready for bionic brain-to-brain experiences?”

@andrewcm: “The integration between offline marketing methods and online technologies means that almost can anything be digitized.”

@mandyemel: “All-star customers hit the trifecta: great brand, confident spokesperson, and a passion for your business.”

Check it out and let us know what you think!