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DAY ONE: Working in a London Digital Marketing Agency

DAY ONE: Working in a London Digital Marketing Agency

This is a post from our new London Junior Account Executive Alex Green.

Ever since graduation in 2012 I always wondered what it would be like to work in the digital marketing industry. In particular, what is the work like in an agency environment?

As a consumer I’ve been exposed to a plethora of media and marketing collateral. But what made me particularly interested to work in digital marketing was to find out how companies differentiate their products from the rest of the competition. What makes that advertisement or brand image more appealing to me and why? How do experienced marketers produce the brochures, build the websites and create the online video advertisements that make me interested to find out more as a potential buyer? 

What is an agency?

An agency is an outsourced company which provides a particular service on behalf of another company. In the field of digital marketing these services will vary widely. For example, there are agencies which specialise in a particular service such as web design businesses which puts together websites for their clients. Other agencies will offer a range of services or be fully integrated – which means they offer expertise throughout the whole marketing mix. But what is it like to actually work at a digital marketing agency in central London such as Metia?

Before I walked through the front door of Metia I had certain preconceptions of what it would be like. I thought I would be surrounded by hundreds of suited up people, most of whom would just be starting out in their careers, looking to learn as much as they can. Moreover, I imagined the day-to-day duties to be quite hectic, heavily client focused and based around set procedures or routine. But as I’ve found out, this won’t necessarily be the case.

My first day was very different to what I expected. The office is surrounded by glass windows and a marble floor. This is what I imagined an agency foyer to look like – very suave and professional. However, when I got to the second floor it became clear that the agency I was working for had a relaxed vibe and atmosphere. Alongside the set first day procedures such as signing the contract and being shown the fire exit, I met the Content Marketing and Social Media team I was now part of. They were all very friendly, relaxed and welcoming.

Getting down to work

My first task was to read a print-out showing the rebranding process of one of Metia’s new healthcare clients. I read through the documents and saw that the content was colourful, creative and innovative.  This was the kind of work I wanted to be a part of and learn how to produce. Shortly after, I began actively contributing to the same rebranding project and was attending interviews with senior members of the team. Finally, I was in an environment I could really learn how to market a product effectively.

I’m into my third day and enjoying it. I have put together my first blog post (the one you're reading right now) to be put on the agency website, have created a short presentation and produced a Venn diagram brainstorming around possible healthcare partnerships, which looks very colourful and attractive. I’m really looking forward to be working and doing the best work I can for the cool range of clients we have.