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BBC iPlayer usage data demonstrates trend to access device diversity

Steve Ellis  |  30 May 2012, 07:29 AM
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The BBC has published its quarterly report on iPlayer consumption and usage patterns. It is very insightful.

The iPlayer (and also the BBC web site itself) are just about the best individual source measures of changing internet access and consumption in the UK.

The headlines are about the continued growth of mobile and tablet devices - up 94% YOY - and now making 15% of the total. I was also surprised by the scale of other internet connected devices beyond desktops, so Smart TVs, games consoles and the like - up 57% YOY - and now comprising 11% of total requests.

BBC I Player Consumption Patterns

All of which explains and endorses our drive to help our own customers mobilize their web sites, and apply strategies for using responsive design techniques and technologies to overcome the challenge of supporting multiple device types. In recent weeks we have completed responsive design projects using HTML5 and also native apps for mobile and touch.

There's lots more in the report on consumption patterns, on-demand vs live, radio vs TV, etc - it is worth a look.

The report also gives a disturbing insight into our viewing habits - all of the top ten TV episodes viewed in April comprised episodes of either The Voice or The Apprentice.


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