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Creativity is often best small and perfectly formed

Steve Ellis  |  4 Apr 2012, 03:10 PM
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Big ideas can be difficult to execute well and high risk. Personally, I often prefer my creativity small and perfectly formed.

Here is an example.

Our esteemed clients over at Capco - clever marketers, all of them - like to stay connected with their own customers in the banking industry through a series of timely, relevant surprises. This isn't the sort of audience to be impressed by high value gifts but they will be wryly amused by something a little bit clever and topical.

It is all about Easter (pre-selecting customers on the basis they might celebrate Easter, of course). The creativity isn't in the concept itself (we sent them Easter eggs, get it?) but in the low key but elegant punning visuals that were used.

Below are the various creative visuals that we wrapped around the gift boxes and used for the postcards.

Sometimes agencies work too hard to take an idea and make it complicated. It takes self restraint - and a good client - to keep it simple.

Capco Eggs By Metia 1Capco Eggs By Metia 2Capco Eggs By Metia 3


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